Sept 2021

High Street Multiverse

The Stove Network

Digital public art project

I was selected as one of six emerging writers in Dumfries and Galloway to craft stories which will be placed around the centre of Dumfries. Audio recordings of the stories will be embedded in a series of specially designed QR light sculptures which will immerse listeners into new imaginative worlds.

As part of this project I will be participating in workshops led by Des Dillon, Karen Campbell and Karl Drinkwater.

The project is due to be completed in Jan 2022, and I'm very excited to see what this innovative collaboration will produce.

February 2021

Skirting Around Magazine

Editor in Chief

An online journal that I founded and created as part of my Master's degree. A platform for writers and artist to explore the politics and emotions of women’s clothing. Issue #2 coming late October 2021.

October 2020

perverse magazine

margaritas // straight up


// i love my body odour because there’s no other body odour quite like it and i’m not embarrassed by telling you this because i know you have body odour too and if you hate or are embarrassed or annoyed by your body odour then maybe you need to ask yourself why  //  

Oct 2020

Stay at Home Literary Fringe Festival

Writer in Residence

September 2020

OrangeApple press

The Chips Are Down Here In Lockdown


"Too delicious to be taken in through a single reading... a champion work of experimental poetry, pushing the limits of form, texture, subject, and space. It is gripping, lovable, heart-wrenchingly honest…. an absolute must read!"

Meredith Grace Thompson, editor of BlueHouse Journal, author of Procrastinación

August 2020

Gutter Magazine

Staying Alive


"...we hope that amongst the poetry and prose you hold in your hand you will find mental and emotional nourishment, that there are things here to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Pieces such as Carolyn Hashimoto's interlingual meditation on grannies, maggots and death..."

Editorial, Gutter 22

June 2020

- algia magazine

The Call of the Cellophane Crane

poetry / hybrid / essay

"Did you wake up this morning with nothing to do but kill time? What if you woke tomorrow and made a paper crane? A paper crane made from cellophane. This may be perplexing. But it’s not a child’s game. Someone... someone..."

June 2020

BlueHouse Journal

Dots and Aftershocks

visual poetry

"Where was I when the earthquake struck?"

May 2020

3:AM Magazine

Poem Brut #90

visual poetry

"To the rat that my cat dragged in the morning, I am sorry..."