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Stay at Home Fringe
Literary Festival

Writer in Residence

October 8-31 2020

perverse magazine

October 2020

margaritas // straight up



September 2020

The Chips Are Down Here In Lockdown


"Too delicious to be taken in through a single reading, Carolyn Hashimoto’s work is intricate, extreme, layers upon layers of poetry upon visual art upon poetry, each page revealing itself more and more through each time it is taken in. The Chips are Down Here in Lockdown is a champion work of experimental poetry, pushing the limits of form, texture, subject, and space. It is gripping, lovable, heart-wrenchingly honest…. an absolute must read!"

Meredith Grace Thompson, editor of BlueHouse Journal, author of Procrastinación


August 2020

Staying Alive


"...we hope that amongst the poetry and prose you hold in your hand you will find mental and emotional nourishment, that there are things here to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Pieces such as Carolyn Hashimoto's interlingual meditation on grannies, maggots and death..."

Editorial, Gutter 22

-algia magazine

June 2020

The Call of the Cellophane Crane

prose // poetry

BlueHouse Journal

June 2020

Dots and Aftershocks

visual poetry

3:AM Magazine

May 2020

Poem Brut #90

visual poetry

Freelance Ghostwriter

June 2012 - May 2014

This is a concise description of your previous work experience and the responsibilities you had. The most effective portfolios give a clear snapshot of where you’re coming from and where you’re going in a way that’s easy for readers to scan and absorb quickly.


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